Our references at a glance

On this page you will get an overview of our references, the partners we work with and the projects we have completed so far. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we are there for our business hours and by appointment!

USM U. Schärer Söhne AG Münsingen

Meisterfilter AG

USM U. Schärer Söhne AG, based in Münsingen, Bern, is an internationally active Swiss furniture manufacturer. The company is known worldwide for its USM Haller furniture system developed in 1963 and expanded to series production in 1969. We have been counting them among our customers since August 2018.

Electrostatic precipitators: 



Fernheizung Breite, Altstätten

Meisterfilter AG

The renovated facility has been operated with the regional raw material wood since October 2018. Today, the heating system supplies 110 buildings with heat for heating and hot water preparation all year round.

Electrostatic precipitators:



Heating Central Heating System East, Altstätten

Meisterfilter AG

At Industriestrasse 17 in Altstätten, stands the heating center of the "Wärmeverbund Ost". The building with a modern wooden construction and sheet metal facade has a warehouse and a production part. The energy is generated by wood chip firing with modern filter systems and an oil boiler for peak performance. The use of industrial waste heat is also realized.

Electrostatic precipitator :

1 x 900 / S

2 x 700 / S

3 x 1200.2 / S

Sports and cultural center - Hägendorf

Meisterfilter AG

Electrostatic precipitator: 800 AME-240

Since September 2014, the combined heat and power plant has been covering the heating requirements of the entire sports and cultural center and the surrounding neighborhood buildings.

The heat is generated with woodchips from the surrounding forests.
The fuel wood is CO2 neutral and grows on our doorstep.

IKEA, Ittigen and Lugano

Meisterfilter AG

Most of the time, beautiful pieces of furniture are reserved for a small circle of wealthy people. IKEA has taken a different path right from the start. We have sided with the many people.

KEA Ittingen 400 AME-240
IKEA Lugano 2x500 AME-240

Kander Paletten AG, Reichenbach

Meisterfilter AG

The district heating plant has a total capacity of 1000 kW.

The companies Sägewerk Bettschen AG and Kander Paletten AG incl. 30 residential units and a school building are supplied with district heating.

1000.1 AME-240

Community Marbach, Lucerne

Meisterfilter AG

Halfway between Lucerne and Bern, at the foot of the Schrattenfluh in Entlebuch, lies Marbach.

The municipality has nearly 1300 inhabitants with agricultural, commercial and guest establishments. No industrial noise affects the well-being of the guest.

District heating plant

Pflege Muri, Muri

Meisterfilter AG

In December 2009 it will be one hundred years since the first "fosterlings" - that's what the inhabitants were called then - arrived in Muri. Today Pflegimuri is a modern company with a comprehensive range of services and innovative, independent residential care and support concepts.

1000 kW Anlage

Customer reference list 2016

Here you will find our customer reference list as a PDF file

Thermal network Regensberg

Meisterfilter AG

With the district heating, the new and old school house, the Hirzelheim and about 10 houses are supplied with heat.

400 AME-240

Riwag Doors, Arth

Meisterfilter AG

Under the brand "RIWAG Doors" you rely on a qualified team of well-trained professionals, the will and the ability to manufacture even special doors at reasonable prices and a wide range of doors of outstanding quality.

Electrostatic filter 2 x 1000 / S / double system

Riwag Doors in Arth belongs since April 2007 to our satisfied clientele with a double system of 1000 kW each .

Heating Verbund Wellhausen

Meisterfilter AG

With the heat compound it gets really hot in Felben Wellhausen.

90 flats, 8 single-family homes as well as the community school and rectory are the beneficiaries of this ecologically as well as economically sensible energy technology.

400 K/S und 600 K/S

Heat network Wildhaus

Meisterfilter AG

During the summer months of 2011, the WV Wildhaus was created. Many home owners decided to participate in the eco-friendly project.

Since October 2011, WV has been heating up a total of 37 houses:

  • Multipurpose building and fire department
  • Apartment buildings
  • Family houses
  • Landi
  • Hotel Sonne and Panorama Center Gamplüt

1000.1 AME-240