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Clean heating with wood?

The electric filter from Meisterfilter makes this possible!

The e-filter makes wood heating systems environmentally and climate friendly simply by reducing fine particle emissions by over 90% through electrostatic filtration.

This is all the more important today as the Ordinance on Air Pollution Control in Switzerland prescribes lower emission limits from wood combustion from 2008.

This means that in order not to exceed the statutory limits, most wood heating systems will in future have to be equipped with a cleaning system. Both private users of wood heating systems and industrial producers with large-scale facilities are therefore well advised to ensure the provision of clean air. This is also easily possible with existing wood heating systems: The e-filter from Meisterfilter can be simply installed into every system. And its impressively low power consumption makes it particularly attractive.

Small outlay, major impact.

The operating principle of the Meisterfilter electric filter is based on the electrostatic filtration of fine dust. The automatic cleaning of the pipes (about every four hours; duration around two minutes) and its low power consumption make the e-filter an efficient and at the same time extremely easy to maintain air quality control system.

“Wood has been used for heating in Switzerland from time immemorial. It has recently even started to be used more again, and that makes sense. The CO₂-neutral energy source can and should be used in our forested country.”