Best fine dust filters from Laupersdorf

The electric filter

Fine particulate filter for wood heating systems

The principle of electrostatic filtration was selected because it offers the potential for high efficiency also in the area of small particle diameters while guaranteeing low power consumption.

Our electric filter has very small dimensions. Cleaning takes place with brushes every four hours and results in clean sediment pipes after each cleaning. The automatic cleaning process lasts around two minutes. The brushes work quietly and do not make any knocking noises. Under normal conditions the residual dust content is less than 20 mg/Nm³.


The filtration performance and efficiency of an electric filter depends on the gas velocity within the filter. The lower the gas velocity, the greater is the efficiency. At lower gas velocity, the charged dust particles remain between the electrodes for longer. This means that the electrical force can affect them for longer, which results in a stronger deflection. The chance of a dust particle being released again accordingly falls.

The system stands out by facilitating the fully automatic cleaning of the pipe filter with a brush that is drawn through the pipe by a spray electrode.

Standard in the modular system

Our electric filters are produced in various performance classes.

Existing facilities can be easily retrofitted regardless of the manufacturer of the heating system. With our small-scale and thus flexible production, we are optimally equipped to provide custom-made products.

Thanks to the modular system, the filters can be extended accordingly depending on the output volume of the heating system.